farewell elizabeth

Just learned that the legendary Elizabeth Taylor passed away a few hours ago. She was truly a star and absolutely beautiful, not just on the outside but the inside as well. I grew up watching reruns of Cleopatra which my mom loves, and I remember her telling me about the scandal and off screen love affair between Liz and Richard Burton. The original Brad and Angelina.

Years and years ago she launched her first fragrance called Elizabeth Taylor's Passion. I was working in retail at that time, in the Fragrance department at Macy's. Back then a fragrance launch was a huge deal. All the sales reps were invited to San Francisco for the day and we got to meet Miss Taylor. It was like meeting the Queen. I honestly can't remember what I said to her but I was struck by how petite she was and how really violet her eyes were.

She had a truly amazing life. Grand, passionate, tumultuous, scandalous and not least of all, inspiring. She was a Pisces after all {lol} and certainly the last of the real classic Hollywood stars. The heavens will shine just a little bit brighter I think.

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