I confess. I love Dancing With The Stars. My mother got me hooked on it a few years ago and it's something we enjoy watching 'together'. She lives 2 hours away but we love to talk about how everyone did and who might get sent home.

I wasn't always a fan and thought 'Oh not me...I don't have the time or desire to watch any of those 'silly' shows.' Well the year my dad passed away, my mom stayed with us for several months. (She was watching DWTS from Season One and kept trying to get me to see it.) That season Kristi Yamaguchi, the Olympic Figure Skater, was a contestant. You might know I'm a big Figure Skating fan so I watched the first show to see how Kristi did and I was hooked after her first dance. She went on to win that season.

Now I am an addict and this season, one of my favorite celebrities (and Twitter manic) is on, Kirstie Alley. I just love her attitude about life, her wicked sense of humor and how she doesn't hold back. I also love that crazy Alice In Wonderland style house of hers with all her animals.

Since I actually got a few things done this early morning, I'm going to have my hot cocoa and buttered toast and watch my recording of last night's DWTS. Let's see how Kirsti and Maks did with their quick step.

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