It's April! You know what that means? Water For Elephants opens this month. Yipee! I'm really looking forward to seeing it but I also have to share something I stumbled onto this morning while having my cup of hot cocoa.

I decided to browse through movie trailers and found a little indie film that just happened to open yesterday. There is something I love about foreign films, particularly documentaries. I don't mind reading subtitles because the sound of a different language fascinates me. I love the glimpse into another culture's way of life or point of view.

This movie is called "Circo". It's a documentary about a small family owned traveling circus working the back country roads of Mexico. The main focus is the drama behind the family struggling to continue a 100 year old tradition despite economic and emotional hardship. The film has had rave reviews and won several indie film awards. It's directed by Aaron Schock.

Pause my music player before watching the vid.

Unfortunately the only theatre showing it anywhere near me is nearly 2 hours away in Berkley. Although I love going to San Francisco and Berkley I am not a fan of driving through their nerve wracking traffic. So I'll cross my fingers that it makes it to a theatre nearby or just wait for it to come out on DVD.

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