chance of art

It's really cloudy here today....and there's most definitely a chance of art. I sent off the last part of my project for my brother late last night. Yay! My March bag is up so I think I'm caught up enough to start on my new collage.

So much for using my vintage laces for my bag. I started with a different bag and wanted to do more of a Magnolia Pearl inspired look. But it wasn't coming together the way I wanted so I'll save it for next time. The little bag I used is one of my favorites. It's not big enough for everyday....are you kidding me? wallet would barely fit in it, lol! But I use it for quick trips or I throw it into a big tote bag when we're on holiday at a fun place like San Francisco.

Are there clouds today where you are?

Time for buttered toast and hot cocoa.....

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