the one about the turtle

Well this was a completely impulsive and surprising twist to my day. Out of  the blue I was suddenly hit by this line...cloudy with a chance of art.....and I thought hmmm, that could be a fun title for my next post. A little play on the name of that silly movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Then the idea hit to start another blog and use it as a spot to just toss my random thoughts, ramblings and non project related things. A simpler one that's less visual than my other one and won't require me to do my usual picture editing and digital doodling. Of course I absolutely love doing that, and that's what Frosted Petunias is all about. That will always be my main blog.

So I'm not sure exactly what this new nook will be. Maybe more of a behind the scenes sort of thing and just something on the side for anyone stopping by to have a peek. Or even a place to test ideas before bringing them over to my other one. Pointless....maybe. But I'm loving the idea of options and today just felt like that kind of a day.

To this I'd like to add this random thought:

When my son was about 5 or 6 he went through this phase where he really wanted a turtle. We always have a cat and thanks to a traumatic experience with my friend's 2 'lovable' Rottweillers, he was deeply terrified of dogs. So he decided one day that a turtle would be perfect. And I thought sure, that wouldn't be a bad idea.

We researched turtle care, looked at different ones whenever we visited the pet store. Thought of where to best put a new turtle and how to keep the cat from inflicting mortal damage on it. And of course he also thought of names. I think Franklin was one of them, like the one in the cartoon he loved.

My son would just keep talking about this turtle for days and days. Morning till night he would go on and on, until one day I noticed he didn't say anything about it. And another day went by and still another and there was no mention of desiring said turtle.

So I said 'Sweetie don't you still want to get a turtle?'

'I don't know, maybe not' said my little guy.

'Why not?'

'Auntie J (that's the friend with the Rottweillers) said they can live over 100 years and what if I don't live that long? Who will take care of him?'

And my heart just melted and I made a wish that my sweet little boy would always have this kind of caring soul, which he does today (he's 14). Yes, it was one of those Hallmark moments that you try to take a snapshot of and tuck away in your heart forever.

For no apparent reason I remembered that this morning after I dropped him off at school, which made me smile and grateful to be his mom.

Well we never did get a turtle, he got over his fear of dogs and even asked if we would ever get one. But like me, he is really a cat person and he always picks each kitty we rescue at the shelter. I'm sure our Luna really appreciates he picked her.

And finally....

I just finished a new background and header for March. I decided to make one to celebrate my birthday and since I won't be able to celebrate it in New Orleans on Mardi Gras, I thought I would try to come up with something fun for that week.

All for now....

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  1. love this idea...and oh what a sweetheart to have so much compassion...that is such a beautiful memory.
    we had a turtle for a long while, but we didnt really have a great set up for it, and we felt she needed to have a little fun so she was sent to a turtle ranch to mingle with other grass munching berry eaters.
    last i heard she was stomping all over the males and getting lots of sun.

    thank you reminding me about Tallulah and for the great story.